Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Soekarno Mercedes-Benz 600 limousine

President Soekarno is known to have a Mercedes-Benz 600 limousine between different brands of cars his official. However, during his rule (1945-1967), no photographs or news in the media that shows or states that the President never used the car.

The only one who tells the story that President Soekarno used Mercedes-Benz 600 obtained from the writings of drg. Oei Hong Kian, who was President Soekarno dental care for several months, before and after his rule ended.

In his article published in Essence magazine in October 1988, Oei Hong Kian tells drg, beginning September 1967, at exactly 9:00 pm, Sukarno, whose rule ended in early March 1967, came to her home for medical treatment using the Mercedes-Benz 600, accompanied by five jeep full of soldiers, who guard it closely.

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