Monday, December 28, 2009

Lorraine Dietric 1908

Lorraine Dietric 1908 Touring menjadi salah satu mobil yang paling ramai dikunjungi pengunjung pada 3rd Int'l Classic Car Show 2009, Balai Kartini, Jakarta.

Mobil keluaran Prancis tahun 1908 ini merupakan kendaraan terbuka dengan kapasitas penumpang empat hingga lima orang. Lorraine memiliki mesin kembar yang masih amat sederhana.

Tiga jenis lampu menghiasi bagian depan, yakni lampu besar, kecil, dan lampu kabut. Selain itu, mobil memiliki tiga transmisi kecepatan.

Yang cukup jarang pada zamannya adalah kaca bening di bagian depan mobil. Ukuran ban mencapai 33 inci dengan as roda yang terbuat dari kayu. Sedangkan, body mobil terbuat dari kayu dan besi.

Saat dijual, kendaraan itu saat dilepas pada harga 980 poundsterling. Itulah sebabnya, Lorraine menjadi salah satu maskot pameran mobil klasik tahun ini.

Bugatti Type 37 A with Compressor

Year: 1927 

Location: Europe

Chassis N.: Upon request

Colour: Dark red

Interior: Black leather

Beautiful Bugatti Type 37 A Supercharged. This is a chassis and body Recreation, built with a complete original T37 engine, transmission. Most of the other parts used to complete the car are also all original period parts. The compressor was recently added by one of the best French Bugatti specialist and a lot of time and efforts was spent to obtain the actual optimal working order. It also comes with a convenient electric starter. The car runs perfectly, frequently enteres the most prestigious international events (including Le Mans Classic) and is in amazing condition.

1932 Ford Coupe Modified

This was one Great Looking 1932 Ford Coupe that was present at the 2006 Raceway Park Car Show. The finish was nice and polished showing a deep red paint, that seemed to mirror all objects around the car. Inside this car was also kept in awesome condition with its red and white interior upholstery finish that just seemed like the owner never drove this car anywhere.

1968 Corvette Stingray Coupe

Pictures of a 1968 red corvette that were taken at the 2006 Raceway Park car show in Englishtown, NJ. This was one of the many cars featured at the car show. Although we were not able to capture the car with the hood down, we did get the opportunity to view the inner workings of this 68 beast.

The new 68 Corvette introduced hidden windshield wipers and removable T-tops on the Coupe models. A new three speed automatic transmission replaced the older two-speed unit. The Corvette gained several interesting engine options under the hood, including the 327 CID V8 L79 rated at 350 bhp, and the L89 aluminum head option for the L71. The rare L88 engine option was still available for a bargain price of $1,032 (1968 Dollars), and at this price only 115 were sold. Still rated at the same 430 bhp as the regular 427 engine, the wise buyers that checked off the L88 option were treated to a host of goodies such as a bubble top hood, aluminum heads with a 850 CFM dual feed Holley carb and the powerful 427 engine with an aluminum intake. Mandatory options included an aluminum radiator, Muncie M-22 transmission, and heavy duty brakes. With the Addition of this new 68 vette and the 28,566 units that were sold, Corvette set a new record.

This Corvettes Chassis Features
Wheelbase: 98"
Track: 58.3"
Front / 59"
Rear Height: 47.8" Coupe
Length: 182.5"
Width: 69"
Curb Weight: 3,210 lbs.
Tire Size: F70x15"
Plant: St. Louis

1957 Buick Special Riviera Series

This Antique 1957 Buick Special / Riviera Series is a car in original condition except for a new paint job. This Buick has almost all original working parts including the fuel filter, blower and engine. Come take a look at the many pictures of this antique. Looking at these car pictures you can really see that this 57 Buick is in very good shape for being a Classic Car. The chrome on this car still shines like the day it was originally driven off of the car lot back in 1957.The Tires show a little wear, but after 50 years nothing is perfect. For about $2,500 you could have bought this car in the 50's. Now with less than 220 registered in the USA today, some book values for these cars are between $20,000 and $45,000 in good shape. For a car like this one in almost all original condition, I'd bet it could get a bit more than that in asking price. Hey who knows, maybe you could buy this 1957 Buick Special and get that good old "Boat" feeling turning around the corner. 

1965 Shelby Cobra

This is a great looking 1965 Shelby Cobra convertible that also happens to be signed by Carroll Shelby himself on the glove box cover Shown below. When the first cobra came out in 1963 it featured a 289 cid V8 small block engine.

This car was said to be a hit but, Carroll Shelby had bigger plans for his car. Then in 1964 Carroll was able to build his Shelby powered with a 427 Big Block V8 engine. This was Carroll Shelby's dream that he could design and build a car that would be able to compete with the “Heavy Weights” of the times. This first 427 Big Block version of the Shelby was strictly for racing, But in 1965 the first commercial version of the Cobra hit the streets with a bang. Th 1965 Shelby Cobra featured a top speed of 165 MPH and had a tube frame with a redesigned coil spring chassis.

In 1967 the Cobra production line had come to an end and was the last production year for the 427 Cobra. Even though Carroll Shelby had to stop the production of the Shelby line, he is famous for a few other automotives that you may have heard about. Which included the Cobra, Mustang, Charger, and the GTO.