Monday, December 28, 2009

1965 Shelby Cobra

This is a great looking 1965 Shelby Cobra convertible that also happens to be signed by Carroll Shelby himself on the glove box cover Shown below. When the first cobra came out in 1963 it featured a 289 cid V8 small block engine.

This car was said to be a hit but, Carroll Shelby had bigger plans for his car. Then in 1964 Carroll was able to build his Shelby powered with a 427 Big Block V8 engine. This was Carroll Shelby's dream that he could design and build a car that would be able to compete with the “Heavy Weights” of the times. This first 427 Big Block version of the Shelby was strictly for racing, But in 1965 the first commercial version of the Cobra hit the streets with a bang. Th 1965 Shelby Cobra featured a top speed of 165 MPH and had a tube frame with a redesigned coil spring chassis.

In 1967 the Cobra production line had come to an end and was the last production year for the 427 Cobra. Even though Carroll Shelby had to stop the production of the Shelby line, he is famous for a few other automotives that you may have heard about. Which included the Cobra, Mustang, Charger, and the GTO.

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