Thursday, November 24, 2011

Mitsubishi Lancer Second Generation (Part1)

In 1979, the Lancer EX was unveiled in Japan. Only two engines were offered at the time, a 1.4 L MCA-JET equipped engine paired with Mitsubishi's Silent Shaft Technology, which generated 80 hp (60 kW) and a 1.6 L engine that generated 85 hp (63 kW) and 100 hp (75 kW). The MCA-JET system was an entirely new concept when compared with the previously used carburetor system. The MCA stands for Mitsubishi Clean Air which meant that the EX passed both Japan and US emission standards, while the new cylinder head design of the engine gave way for a Jet valve which introduced an extra swirl of air to the combustion chamber, swirling the fuel-air mixture for a cleaner, efficient and more thorough burn.
 In addition to these improvements, another breakthrough in the Lancer lineup was the Silent Shaft Technology, which was actually two counterbalancing shafts that rotated in opposite directions, cancelling the power pulses inherent in an inline 4 cylinder engine. This reduced both engine noise and vibration, and provided a smoother driving experience. The 1.8 L Sirius 80 engines were then introduced in the Lancer in 1980, along with a new 70 hp (52 kW), 1.2 L engine a year later, providing a broader range of engines for the Mitsubishi's Lancer. Also, a turbocharged, 135 PS (99 kW; 133 hp) engine was added in 1980 for sportier performance, and an Intercooler system was also integrated in the existing turbocharged engine to produce 165 PS (121 kW; 163 hp) in 1983.

Lancer EX 1800GSR and GT Turbo

In 1980, The Lancer EX was introduced with a 1.8 L turbocharged 4-cylinder option known as the 1800GSR and GT Turbo. The first generation 1800GSR and GT were only available with a turbocharged, non-intercooled 135 PS (99 kW; 133 hp). However, in 1983, an intercooler was introduced, helping the turbocharged engine to produce 160 PS (118 kW; 158 hp)..

Japan model and trim levels

  • 1400SL - 4-door sedan powered by a 1.4L engine, with a 4-speed Manual Transmission. 5-speed was also introduced. (1979–1987)
  • 1200SL - Same as the SL, with a 1.2L engine option. (1979–1983)
  • 1400GL - 3-speed Automatic version of the SL (1979–1983)
  • 1400SL A/T - Same as the GL, with minor changes. (1983–1987)
  • 1600XL - 4-door sedan powered by a 1.6L engine, with a 3-speed Automatic Transmission. (1979–1983)
  • 1600GSR - 4-door sedan powered by a 1.6L engine with twin carbs, with a 5-speed Manual Transmission. (1981–1983)
  • 1600XL Super - Same as the XL, with minor changes. (1983–1987)
  • 1800SE - 4-door sedan powered by a 1.8L producing 100 hp (75 kW) engine, and available with a 5-speed Manual Transmission or a 3-speed Automatic Transmission. (1981–1983)
  • 1800GSR Turbo - 4-door sedan powered by a turbocharged 1.8L engine producing 135 PS (99 kW), with aesthetic upgrades.(1981–1983)
  • 1800GT Turbo - Same as the GSR, but with a different body trim. (1981–1983)
  • 1800GSR Turbo Intercooler - Intercooled version of the first turbo version, producing 160 PS (118 kW), and with minor changes to the aesthetics. (1983–1987)
  • 1800GT Turbo Intercooler - Same as the GSR Turbo Intercooler, again with different body trim. (1983–1987)
  • 1800GSL Turbo - Same as the GSR Turbo Intercooler, only it used the engine from the GSR/GT Turbo, and equipped with a 3-speed Automatic Transmission, and with a more luxurious interior. Along with an AM/FM Multi-Cassette Stereo System. (1983–1987)

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