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Henderson "Long-Tank"

1912 Henderson Model Four

By 1912 the first production model began rolling off the assembly line. The 1912 model had the designation "Four" after the 57 cubic-inch, longitudinally-mounted inline four-cylinder motor which produced up to 7 horsepower. The retail price was $325. The 1912 Henderson Model 4 engine produced 7 horsepower.

1912 Henderson Model 4
1912 Henderson Model 4 with 934 cc Four Cylinder Motor

1915 Henderson Long-Tank

1915 Henderson Long-Tank
1915 Henderson Long-Tank

The Henderson Motorcycle Company was sold to Excelsior owner Ignaz Schwinn In 1917, becoming Excelsior-Henderson, under the Excelsior Motor Mfg. and Supply Company of Chicago, Illinois.

1915 Henderson Long-Tank
1915 Henderson Long-Tank

1915 Henderson Long-Tank
Henderson Long-Tank

William Henderson left the Excelsior-Henderson company in 1920, starting the Ace Motor Corporation which built high-performance inline four-cylinder motorcycles. After Henderson's early death in 1923, Ace continued until 1927, when they were purchased by Indian.

Henderson Long-Tank Valves
1915 Henderson Long-Tank Valve Assembly

Henderson Long-Tank Motor
1915 Henderson 1000 cc Four Cylinder Motor

Henderson Long-Tank Shifter
1915 Henderson Suicide Shift

Schwinn decided to close down their Excelsior-Henderson motorcycle devision in 1931, due to slow sales brought on by the Great Depression.

1915 Henderson Long-Tank
1915 Henderson Long-Tank Speedometer Drive

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