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FB Mòndial Motorcycles

FB Mòndial History

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The FB-Mòndial Casa Motociclistica (Mondial Motorcycle House) was founded by Count Giuseppe Boselli of FB (Fratelli Boselli) in 1948 in Arcore (Milan), Italy. Prior to WWII, Fratelli Boseli was a manufacturer of motorized tricycles and delivery vans in Drusiani south of Bologna, Italy.
Mòndial's motto was that it had "the mind in Milan, and the heart in Bologna." FB's Count Giuseppe Boselli became enamored with motorcycles in the late 1940s, so after purchasing the design of a small-displacement engine, he started FB Mòndial.

1951 Mondial Bilabero Grand Prix
1951 Mòndial Bilabero Grand Prix

By 1948, Mòndial began building small motorcycles designed Alfonso Drusiani and Lino Tonti. These first Mòndial's had both two-stroke, and four-stroke overhead-cam engines, and throughout the 1950s, Mòndial was able to garner several World Championships with its Grand Prix road racing machines, significantly elevating the prestige of the Mòndial marque.

Mòndial 175 Monoalbero
1954 Mòndial 175 Monoalbero

Mòndial's success in the Grand Prix arena was partially due to employing riders like Mike Hailwood, Tarquinio Provini and Carlo Ubbiali. With five World Championships to its name, Mòndial withdrew form the racing circuit in the late 1950s, along with other Italian manufacturers like Moto Guzzi and MV Agusta.

Mòndial 175 Turismo Veloce
1955 Mòndial 175 Turismo Veloce

1955 Mondial Sogno 160
1955 Mòndial Sogno 160

Vintage Mondial's Models (1949 to 1979)

Mòndial Turismo Veloce 175cc - 1949
Mòndial OHV Sport (touring/street) 125cc - 1950
Mòndial Bilabero Grand Prix 125cc - 1951
Mòndial Monoalbero 175cc - 1954
Mòndial Lusso 125cc - 1956
Mòndial TV Sport 175cc - 1956
Mòndial Sperimentale 175cc - 1957
Mòndial Sprint (touring/street) 175cc - 1959
Mòndial Super Sport Grand Prix 200cc - 1960
Mòndial SS V4 48cc - 1960
Mòndial Nova 125cc - 1961
Mòndial Super Sportiva 50cc - 1964

It is rumored that in the late 1950s, Soichiro Honda visited Europe, trying to glean knowledge of Italian and German race technology, which was so dominant at the time. It has been said that Honda actually used a 125 cc Mòndial GP as one of the starting-points for the design of his 1959 RC142 125cc GP.

Mòndial Sprint
1958 Mòndial 175cc Sprint

Mòndial flourished through the 1950s, but as many small-displacement manufacturers in Italy found out, consumers were now demanding larger, more powerful motorcycles.

Mòndial 175cc Ex-Works
1958 Mòndial 175cc Ex-Works

Mòndial's sales steadily declined from 1960 through the late 1970s, and by 1979 the company ceased operations. The Mòndial mark was briefly resuscitated in 1987, only to close again in 1989. The International Mondial Club was found in 1988.

The Mòndial Name is Reborn

The Mondial marque was resurrected in 1999, when newspaper printing and lithography magnate Roberto Ziletti, of Lastra Group SpA, purchased the trademark and manufacturing rights from Count Giuseppe Boselli's heirs.

2004 Mondial Piega EVO
2004 Mondial Piega EVO - Mondial Moto

Mondial Piega, Piega EVO & SBK Superbikes

In 2003 Mondial introduced its Mondial Piega sportbike, with a modified Honda 999cc, liquid cooled 4 valve per cylinder DOHC v-twin engine, that produces 136 hp at 9800 rpm (140 hp for EVO). The Piega has a 6 speed gearbox. The RZ Starfighter and Nuda were designed and built by the French manufacturer 'Boxer.'


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